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Register Disclaimer - BJD Community:

Registration and use to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.

If after 24 hours you have not received an activation email notifying you that your account on the forum is ready to use,
please email:

Please join in only if you like to take an active part at BJD Community!
An doll forum can be only alive if the members be active!
Accounts with 0 posts will be deleted 5 months after the register, you have 5 months after your register to find your way
around our forum and take an active part.
If your account is deleted because no activity within 5 months you can make each time again an new register
when you intend to take an active part at BJD Community.

Please press "Accept" if you agree with the rules mentioned below. You will then be able to register.

Even though Administrators and Moderators from BJD Community try to delete or edit all the unwanted posts, it is impossible for them to check
all the posts. All the posts express the opinion of the author, the owner of BJD Community and WoltLab GmbH (developers of wBB) cannot be held
responsible for the content of those posts.

You agree not to post messages that are vulgar, impolite, disrespectful or that express (extreme) political views or (verbal) law offences.

Additionally, the Administrators and Moderators of this board can edit or even delete your account for any reason.

This forum system uses cookies purely for the purpose of improving your browsing. It does not use them to store your data.
Your email is only used for the purposes of confirming your details and password reminders.

Enjoy your stay at BJD Community!
Sincerely your Administrator, Britta Bösche

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