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Posted by Britta on 06-24-2019 at22:34:

i7 12. Juni 2019 - today we lost our beloved Jamu (17,4 years old)

Today we lost our beloved Jamu (17,4 years old). She is now in heaven together
with her best buddy Samira which we lost before 3 years at the age of 15,5 years.
The hearts from our whole family is broken because we lost Jamu now too. Samaria
& Jamu are the first own dogs in our Familie, we will miss them forever.
Samira and Jamu had always an especially bond, so Jamu will get the same resting
place in a garden of roses beside Samira.
She is missing from me each second at this time. I organized since 3 years my
whole live around her, because she needed special care because her high age. She
could also not anylonger travel with us in the last 3 years because her high age, so I
stayed at home and my husband & daughter traveled alone in the last years. And
now she is gone forever.
I found her today at noon collapsed at the ground. At luck my other both dogs
barked and cried so strong and loud when the collapse happend with her that I have
to come and see what happened. I drove with her immediately to our vet clinic
where she had to put fall asleep forever.
Her heart was still strong, but it seems she had organ failure of her kidney or liver.
It is hard to lose his dog after beeing together so close since such a long time. I am
thankful for the long and happy time us was given together with her. I remember
still the first moment as we met her the first time when she was an only some weeks
old puppy.

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